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Coastal Issues & Management

Resource Management In The Anlo-Ewe Migrant Fishing Community Abakam In The Central Region, Ghana.

The study is focusing on resource management of the Anlo-Ewe migrant fishing community Abakam in the Central Region, Ghana. The study identifies that access to fishing rights among the migrants depends on the chieftaincy arrangement in the community. There is an inequality in having access to fishing grounds among the differentiated social actors. Anlo-Ewes get access to land through three major ways; purchase, inheritance and abusa system of farming. The major source of livelihood is fisheries (which include fishing, fish trade in the local market). Other sources of livelihood include farming and selling of items. The study is showing that informal institutions play major role in the management of both land and fisheries resources. Chiefs mediate and negotiate conflicts among fishers by the using the informal institutions. Class exploitation is integral part of the fishing activities in Abakam.


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Name of Author(s):
Patrick Kuranchie Owusu
Institutional Affiliation:
Department of Geography University of Bergen, Norway
Type of Publication:
M.Phil Thesis
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University of Bergen
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