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Fishing gear and fish catch assessment along the Oti River at Agbasakope in Krachi East District of Volta Region, Ghana

Rivers are a great source of fish and contribute significantly to the fish consumed by many Ghanaians.  However, catches from rivers have declined over the past few decades partly due to various illegal fishing activities. The study was conducted on the Oti River  at  Agbasakope in Krachi  East District in  the Volta Region of Ghana from December, 2013 to March, 2014 to assess  gears  used  and  fish catches in order to provide technical information for sustainable exploitation of fish. Fishing gears were identified through personal observation. Fish catch data was obtained from randomly selected commercial fishermen once in a month. The  results  revealed  that  fishing  gears  such as atidza net, beach  seine net,  bamboo  traps  and gillnets  were  used.  Gillnet was the most dominant fishing gear (47%) and the least used gear was atidza net (8%).  The total average monthly fish catch was estimated as 10,027.9 kg during the period of study.  Forty-six (46) fish species belonging to twelve (12) families were identified. Ten (10) species were caught from the family Cichlidae. Claroteidae was the most relatively abundant family (49.1%) with Chrysichthys auratus (20.1%) registering the highest percentage abundance in terms of number. Most fishing  gears  used  by  the fishermen did not conform to those legally allowed by the  Fisheries  Directorate  for  inland capture  fisheries. Ban on use of unauthorised fishing gears should be enforced to increase fish production on a sustainable basis from the River Oti.


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Akongyuure, D. N., Ayiku, S., Alhassan, E. H., Ampofo-Yehoah, A., Abarike, E. D., Abobi, S.M. and Atindana, S. A.
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Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management, University for Development Studies, P. O. TL 1882, Tamale – Ghana
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Journal Article
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UDS International Journal of Development
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