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Fisheries Management

Comparative Study of the Dynamics of Small-Scale Marine Fisheries in Senegal and Ghana

The small-scale fisheries in Senegal and Ghana are described and compared. The structure of the canoe fleets, the trends in landing and the composition of catches are analyzed. Located in upwelling areas of the eastern Atlantic, these tropical multispecies fisheries are influenced by a strong environmental signal. Variability and instability of marine resources raise the problem of interactions among the different dynamics of the environment, of fish stocks and of fishing communities. The changes observed during a decade are interpreted from the perspective of the dynamics of the exploitation. Local and global changes were assessed in terms of fishing tactics and strategies that facilitate description of the adaptability of small-scale fishers to the variability of their environment.


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* Antenne ORSTOM au Centre IFREMER de Nantes; ** Fisheries Research & Utilization Branch, Ghana; *** Centre de Recherches Oceanographiques de Dakar-Thiaroye
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Research Notes
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