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Fisheries Management

The performance of tuna processing fishery sector to sustainable fish trade and food security in Ghana

The paper presents an analysis of the performance of the tuna processing fishery sector of Ghana in order to derive the maximum benefits for the Ghanaian economy. Interviews and document analysis were carried out with approved tuna processing firms, government institutions and statistical service of the European Union. Results showed that the Ghanaian tuna processing industry is mainly supplied with raw material coming from national vessels, both purse seiners and pole and line. This raw material is only enough to have the plants operating at 60 % of their maximum capacity. There are a total of 6, 500 people employed in the tuna fish chain. A total of 58, 000 tonnes of tuna is canned annually. The market destinations are Europe, National and Ivory Coast, ranked in a descending order according to the tonnage. In conclusion, Ghana has huge potential to increase tuna fish export and can generate more economic and social benefits, such as food security, employment, foreign exchange, income and poverty reduction to the Ghanaian economy.


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Berchie Asiedu *, Pierre Failler** and Yolaine Beyens***
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*Department of Fisheries and Water Resources, University of Energy & Natural Resources, Sunyani, Ghana;
**Centre for the Economics and Management of Aquatic Resources (CEMARE), University of Portsmouth;
***Independent Fisheries Consultant, Brussels, Belgium
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