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Fisheries Management

The state of world fisheries from a fishworkers perspective: the Ghanaian situation

This study attempts to better understand the status of artisanal/small-scale fisheries and fishworkers in Ghana. It aims to establish the pre-eminence of the artisanal sector, with the ultimate objective of exploring the prospects, potentials and problems of sustaining and developing artisanal fisheries. The study aims to promote more equitable and sustainable fisheries. It provides baseline information on the status of artisanal/small- scale fisheries and fishworkers, especially with regard to technical, social and economic aspects. It analyzes the impact of industrial fisheries on the artisanal sector. It also identifies the main threats to artisanal fisheries, has well as the inshore fishers’ potential to harvest fisheries resources that are currently harvested by industrial fisheries. The information provided in this study will help fishworkers build and strengthen their organizations. It will also be useful for policymakers, researchers, planners, academics and anyone else interested in fisheries and fishing communities.


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Mensah, M A and Korateng, K A and Bortey, A and Yeboah, D A
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India, International Collective in Support of Fishworkers, (SAMUDRA Monograph
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