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Gender Ideology And Manoeuvring Space For Female Fisheries Entrepreneurs

Local gender ideologies vary considerably in fishing communities along the coast of Ghana. This article compares the extent to which women convert capital from the female market sphere into ownership of fishing equipment in the male fishing sphere in three ethnically diverse communities – Moree (Fante), Kpone (Ga-Adangbe) and Dzelukope (Anlo-Ewe). Kinship ideologies, post-marital residence patterns, and gender division of labour and roles in the local fishing economies shape women’s place-specific manoeuvring spaces. It is argued that a loyal and trustworthy male cooperation partner is a prerequisite for the success of female entrepreneurs in a male arena like the fisheries.


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Name of Author(s):
Ragnhild Overå
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Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen
Type of Publication:
Journal Article
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Research Review NS
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